Taking that approach to the Young Readers’ Club has brought out so many beautiful voices in the group. They have begun to realise thanks to wonderful books that they too can think of many possibilities and above all, their voices matter.

When you think you are wrong yet you end up being right

Here is a book that I haven’t read myself. However, I am reasonably sure that this would be a great book to read. How do I know that? Ten year old Anvi was so excited to share this book with the rest of us for Activity of the Month. We…

Even more so, when peers ask for recommended titles again to make a note and look for it later to read themselves

It is the time of the month at the Young Readers’ Club when we come together to show off our book finds over the last month. The hunt for new books is generally based on a common objective, such as the hunt for one’s favourite character or books that had…

Akshara Uppuluri, the author of the book “Rising From The Ashes”, is a 9th grade student who loves science and is fascinated with robotics and Artificial Intelligence (AI). An avid reader herself, she shares how reading for pleasure helped her to become more perceptive and find writing as an enjoyable means of expressing herself.

Being a voracious reader right from childhood, she dreamt about writing a book of her own. The COVID-19 pandemic induced lockdown provided the perfect opportunity to make her childhood dream come true.

While writing a book of her own may have been a childhood dream, her book- Rising From The…

It’s perhaps also the most happy state to be in. Or so I thought…

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It is a wonderful festival today- Pongal as they like to call it in Tamil Nadu, Makar Sankranti or Lohri in other Indian states. It is a harvest festival reminding us the nature’s bountiness. There is a festive feeling in the air and of course our phones are buzzing constantly…

Here is an effective way to give children a playground on which they can practice and develop their problem solving skills.

Too often we give our children answers to remember rather than problems to solve.
— Roger Lewin

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Problem solving at the Young Executives Club

The Young Executives Club is a meeting place where children in the age group 12–14 meet twice a week on Zoom to make use of various opportunities to express themselves in spoken as…

How do sportspersons handle the pressure while they perform in a major sports event? Surrounded by people watching their every move, making noise and worse, to know that one is on international television must be more than enough to make anyone have a nervous breakdown!

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These questions always leave me…

Lakshmi Mitter

Writer, Voracious Reader, Author of Personalised Children’s books, Self Taught Illustrator

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