Dearest Lakshmi,

Just got the parcel and it is sooooo… cute! Anjali could never ever have given her grandfather a greater gift than this book. It is a memory that will deeply remain etched in our minds, thanks to the way you have captured it. The story and graphics are so lovable that we don’t get tired of reading or looking at it again and again.

Loads of love from Devarajans.

Dear Lakshmi,

When I first heard of your idea of Custom Picture books, I was very excited. I immediately thought of multiple sets of kids to whom I would love to gift such books. When I got the first set of books, I absolutely loved it! And so did my nieces! Having ordered 3 different sets of your books, I can see how thrilled the kids are to see an entire book written about them. The illustrations are wonderful. I love the way you have weaved in the kids’ interests into the story. The coloring activity at the end of the book is a nice touch. Thanks a lot for creating these beautiful customized books, which my nieces and I will cherish forever!


Dear Lakshmi,

My daughter loves stories and also loves to read but when she saw herself as the protagonist in your beautifully written custom made book on her birthday, her joy knew no bounds. I saw a twinkle in her eye when she said, “I am the brave one, I saved everyone Mama!”. She made me read the story twice in a row and then sat down to read it on her own. Your novel idea of personalizing books for children, tying together things that are closest to their heart makes not only a beautiful gift, but helps spread the joy of reading and ensures some precious moments last a lifetime. Thank you for doing what you do Lakshmi.

Warm regards,

Charmaine Timothy

Founder – The Wonder Women World

Dear Lakshmi,

My daughter was delighted to see the customised book, where she herself is a major character. Unlike other story books where she reads a lot on other characters, here, this book makes a big difference. The drawings are excellent and interesting too. She always finds some pride in showing the book to her own friends and also to those who visit us. Moreover, it helps her to recollect our visit to Egypt and it enhances her attachment and love for the so called ‘treasures’ which even any adult would be longing to recall! Thanks Lakshmi, for the creative work.


Hi Lakshmi,

“Swasti received the book on Saturday. She is thrilled to see herself in a book for the first time and be read a story about herself and her folks at bedtime. Her parents are also excited about this idea and found it to be “the most thoughtful gift Swasti has received so far in her young life.”

-Abhijit Parkhe

Writer, Voracious Reader, Author of Personalised Children’s books, Self Taught Illustrator